Being Salt and Light in Irvine, KY


The World Wide Web is an inexhaustible treasure of information—some good, some bad—but certainly it is a tool that can be used by Christians to the glory of God. Toward that end, we have included some of our favorite Web sites. We hope you find these useful and encouraging, and that in some way they might help you in your Christian walk.


Note of caution: Inclusion of a link in the lists is certainly not to be equated with agreement on all issues. Some of the sites contain excellent content on, for example, the existence of God or the deity of Christ, but do not teach the truth on crucial matters such as baptism or salvation. Please consult these sites with the same discretion that you study any religious material, always remembering the Bible’s admonishment to “try the spirits whether they are of God” (1 John 4:1).